Star Wars Battlefront Devs Talk Replayability, Space Battles and More: “Feels Nothing Like Battlefield”

April 23, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront Devs Talk Replayability, Space Battles and More: “Feels Nothing Like Battlefield”

Star Wars: Battlefront developers are continuing to share information on the game, giving more insight on what we can expect from the upcoming shooter.

Producer Jesper Nielsen keeps up his active dialogue with the Reddit community, and he had a lot to say today too:

First of all, we get a comment on why the prequel trilogy and the Clone wars have been left out.

“Sometimes you have to make choices, and those choices may be hard. We are the ones making the game and have to making hard choices sometimes. One of them was to focus solely on the Original Trilogy. The reasoning I’d rather have someone like Figge comment on.”

Personally, I’d rather them look at the Old Republic, mind you… But Moving on, Nielsen promised that the game feels “nothing like Battlefield.”

“I can absolutely guarantee you that it feels nothing like Battlefield. That would be like saying Halo or COD feels like Battlefield. Or the original Battlefront games.”

He also mentioned that the Battle of Jakku DLC will not include any single player mission, and that the iconic white puffs of smoke on the impact of blasters against surfaces will also appear in the actual gameplay.

“Oh yeah! : )

Ya know, all the details like that… just really makes the experience feel so rich.”

Interestingly, Space Battles are not completely out of the question in the future (far, far away?).

“We have and are still discussing space every now and again. We know it has some very exciting prospects. So of course that would be fun to explore! When and if that will happen is impossible for me to say, but no, we’re not saying that space battles are evil and that we will never, ever touch them with a ten-foot pole.”

Nielsen also explained that the vast majority of decisions aren’t taken by the suits, but by the development team.

“TBH, by far the majority of ideas and main decision making is not made by higher-ups, but by the team. And yes, what you see in DLC is sometimes the result of things that you started thinking during the latter part of development.

We have a word in development for constantly adding new features: it’s called feature creep and it’s absolutely paramount to avoid that in the latter stages if you want to build a good game. It’s hard though! But as you will quickly learn as you embark on game development; the truly hard part is finishing and shipping the game.”

He then gave his insight on the replayability of single player missions:

“What I will say is… I haven’t tried every single mission yet and obviously we’re not done with the game yet, but from what I have played, I think they offer some great experiences and I think for at least some missions, they will have great replayability.”

Yesterday, Nielsen explained that no content was being held back from the initial release for DLC, and today he was asked if that statement was except guns and maps, but his response was clear cut.

“Nope. Except for nothing.”

Finally, Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall, also had something interesting to say when asked about invisible walls while flying:



Call of Duty: Black Ops III “Ember” Teaser trailer

April 23, 2015

New teaser trailer for Call Of Duty Black Ops III. 

Description in the video says “In the next 50 years, technologiecal advancements will lead us into a world where only those who risk going too far, will find out how far we can actually go.” Source:

Microsoft Apologizes for Confusion Over 1080p/60fps Witcher 3 Footage on Xbox Channel

April 23, 2015

Earlier today, the official Microsoft Xbox YouTube channel published an impressive new video for CD Projekt Red’s upcoming role-playing game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Since the video was published to the Xbox channel, some might have thought the gameplay was captured on the Xbox One edition of the game.

However, it’s now been discovered by Kotaku that the footage of the game shown in the video is from the PC edition, not the Xbox One version, despite the Xbox logo being featured prominently. Microsoft has since apologized for the confusion (more on that later).

Microsoft never explicitly stated that the footage was not captured on Xbox One, but–just a few hours after the video went up–the company added a disclaimer to the video to say the footage was “captured on a PC.”

One major giveaway that the footage was captured on PC and not Xbox One is that the gameplay video plays at 1080p/60fps. The Xbox One version of The Witcher 3, however, outputs at 900p/30fps, which raised some red flags–the video’s comments are overflowing with people pointing out the difference.

In a statement sent to GameSpot this afternoon, a Microsoft representative said it never intended to misrepresent the visual fidelity of the Xbox One version of The Witcher 3, and apologized for any confusion caused by the video.

“This morning we posted a new trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to our YouTube channels featuring footage provided by CD Projekt Red that was captured from the PC version of the game and may not be reflective of final Xbox One gameplay,” the spokesperson said. “This was in no way intended to misrepresent the title on Xbox One. We have updated the description of the asset to make clear the source and platform of this footage. We apologize for any confusion and look forward to the game arriving on both Xbox One and PC on May 19, 2015.”

Whatever the case, The Witcher 3 looks quite nice across all platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. But the PC version, like so many other games, is likely to look the best, as it will run at 60fps (if your computer can run it).

The Witcher 3 launches on May 19, and you can learn lots more about it throughGameSpot’s in-depth video series.


PS4 Price Slashed to £290 Following Xbox One Discount

April 23, 2015

UK retailers have begun selling the PlayStation 4 for an all-time low price of £290, a little more than a week after Microsoft discounted the Xbox One RRP to £300.

On shopping sites such as Tecsco, Amazon, and Argos, both black and white PS4 units are listed at £289.99, down from the previous standard price of £330 (the official RRP remains £350). Meanwhile, retailer GAME is offering a PS4 bundle with Minecraft for £290.

These retailer deals were not enacted independently from Sony; The platform holder has even promoted the offers on its official Twitter account.

The deal arrives nine days after Microsoft reduced the price of the Xbox One from £330 to £300. Both platform holders say their respective discounts are a “limited time” offer; Sony states its promotion will cease April 28, while Microsoft has not yet provided a clear date for when its deal will end.

Such offers also arrive during a seasonal reduction in video game sales, as Britain crawls into the summer months. According to NPD data, total game retail sales across the US declined 20 percent in February.


British Teenager Obsessed With TV Serial Killer Dexter Jailed For Dismembering His Girlfriend

October 3, 2014

Steven Miles, now 17, killed Elizabeth Thomas at his family’s home in Oxted, Surrey, in January. He pleaded guilty at Guildford Crown Court on 9 September.

The Press Association reported that Miles, who was 16 at the time, stabbed Thomas in her head and back before cutting off her legs and arm, wrapping the body parts in clingfilm, and placing them in bin bags.

The teenager, who had been diagnosed with an autistic syndrome, reportedly had an alter ego called Ed. When his sister returned home shortly after Thomas’s murder, Miles told her: “Ed made me do something bad.”

PA said the boy had used tools and saws from his father’s tree surgery business to cut up Thomas’ body.

Guildford crown court heard how the teen was a fan of horror films and Dexter, the TV series about a fictional forensics expert who is a secret serial killer.

Guildford crown court heard how the teen was a fan of horror films and Dexter , the TV series about a fictional forensics expert who is a secret serial killer.

  • Lewis Power of the defence said: “This was a truly gruesome killing ripped from the pages of a hit TV script. The evidence points to the defendant trying to emulate the actions of the character Dexter, who he idolised.

    “The case is a sad testament to the perils of how young people can become entrenched in modern TV blockbusters involving violence which shockingly led to a copycat killing in real life.”

    Judge Christopher Critchlow said he would have passed a whole life term if Miles had been an adult. This is Surrey police’s reaction to the sentencing:

  • Judge Critchlow told Miles in court: “You decided, at the age of 16, you had to kill somebody. You chose Elizabeth Thomas, who tragically befriended you and who had stood up for you when people described you as different. It’s chilling to read that you described her on occasion as your project.”

    Psychiatrists declared that Miles is not schizophrenic, and therefore the defence of diminished responsibility could not be claimed.

    Call of Duty ex-director says US military could learn from COD

    October 3, 2014

    According to Dave Anthony, the Call of Duty franchise’s former game director, in regards to unpopular national security ideas. the United States government could learn a few things from AAA video game titles/series such as Call of Duty, specifically their marketing strategies and campaigns.

    Anthony believes that disfavored national security policies or ideas can be pushed into generally positive public acceptance similarly to how prominent video game industry giants market new features in their respective games.

    Read more on what the former Call of Duty director had to say after the break.

    Call of Duty Ex-Director’s Thoughts on Government

     a think-tank forum in Washington D.C. earlier this week, Dave Anthony stated the following regarding controversial potential solutions to on-going American national security issues (I have bolded various statements that may be of interest):

    “When we have a new product that has elements that we’re not sure how people will respond to, what do we do as a corporation? We market it, and we market it as much as we can – so that whether people like it or not, we do all the things we can to essentially brainwash people into liking it before it actually comes out.

    “The public won’t like it, they’ll think it’s a police state. All of these are solvable problems.”

    I look at the US military and government, ironically, as having some of the very same problems as what the Call of Duty franchise has. We are both on top of our game. We are both the best in the world at what we do. We both have enemies who are trying to take us down at any possible opportunity. But the difference is, we know how to react to that.

    Short, Anthony believes that United States government policy-makers can learn from the marketing and promotion strategies of AAA video games.

    What are your thoughts on the former Call of Duty director’s ideas? Do you agree with him? Why or why not?

    Let us know in the comments section below! As always, stay tuned to for the latest in video game and technology news.


    Nickon Plays Freedom Planet- Part 1- Dragon Valley

    October 2, 2014

    I always love what he has to say, about these games!

    Credits to: Nickonaquamagna